Your One-Stop Shop

  • Nutritious Products

    Our curated food selection is sure to delight while keeping wellness in mind. We carry unique foods not available from most services.

  • Kitchen Design

    We take care of your kitchen with thought-out merchandising, clear nutritional labeling, beautiful instructional signage, custom crafted organizers, shelving, & food containers.

  • High-End Equipment

    High-end coffee machines, effective water dispensers, stainless steel fridges, kegerators, and ice machines

  • Technology

    Realtime deep analytics, flexible supply chain, UX metrics, and even recommendations help serve your company.

  • Catering

    Led by our star chefs, we are committed to sourcing local and organic ingredients, on-time delivery, and excellent presentation.

  • Devoted Service

    We go above and beyond — food preparation, kitchen organization, on-site staffing. Our dedicated team takes care of all your needs. Just ask.

Our Customers
Love Us

“You have a great team of people who are very enthusiastic. That alone is a big accomplishment, working with people who really believe in what you are doing. Thus, there is a lot of thought behind what you do and how you pick vendors.”

EmilyHead of People Ops at Twitch

“Taking care of our employees is a core part of our values. We’ve always tried to provide snacks to keep everyone focused and fueled in a fast-paced startup environment. Oh My Green has made life so much easier for us. They send in great people every day to make sure we have what we need, and that allows us to focus on our business. They’ve also seriously upgraded our snack game so we’re offering much healthier options without breaking the bank.”

JosephDirector of Strategic Operations at GoSpotCheck

It's All In the Numbers

We’ve optimized your experience in every way imaginable. And we’re constantly improving by looking at the numbers.

  • 2.9xIncrease in Fruit Consumption
  • 4.3/5Taste rating across companies
  • 77Net Promoter Score
  • 9/10Customer Satisfaction