What you put into your body directly impacts your health & happiness

Growing up, Michael’s grandmother, a medical doctor, always told this to him. She always grew high quality foods in her home garden for the family to eat.

Pam Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP on the Science of Epigenetics states that “What grandparents ate and what they did in life significantly affected gene expression in their grandchildren. Every thought, every mouthful, every step changes gene expression.”

Founder and CEO

This is Why We Do It

Provide Healthy Options

Give your people convenient grab-and-go access to healthy foods so they can stay onsite, be properly fueled, and amplify their productivity and engagement.

Keep Productivity High

When your team is happy, healthy and engaged, they work harder and with even greater commitment. Save time by grabbing a snack right in the office instead of an extended trip to the store.

Increase Health and Happiness

A commitment to improved health and well-being of your workforce will increase retention and office morale. Healthy choices in the workplace leads to an improved lifestyle and happiness outside of it.

Growing Nationwide Coverage

We’ve got several of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States covered and we’re growing! Let us know if you need us to provide an awesome micro-kitchen experience, since we will be opening the below cities within year.