15 Unique Employee Benefits

Perks That Improve Morale & Attract Talent You may have noticed that employees now place a different value on unique perks more than ever before. These combined with a strong and positive company culture can help strengthen employee engagement, as well as sway the decision of top talent. Did you know employee engagement isn’t just Read More >

Why Do Humans Love Crunchy Snacks

Nothing says snacktime like a sudden craving for something crunchy. But why are we drawn to crunchy textures, especially when it comes to snacking? It’s already shaping up to be a long, stressful day at the office. To get away from your exploding inbox and the eye strain of your computer screen, you head to Read More >

Do Most Employees Choose Healthy or Unhealthy Office Snacks When They Have Options?

Across America, employees are bombarded with food choices in their break rooms and office kitchens. Nuts or a candy bar for a pick-me-up? Bottled water or soda? There are numerous opportunities for healthy snacking in today’s workplace. But do most choose wisely? At Oh My Green, we help companies stock their kitchens with nutritious snacks Read More >

SAFE + FAIR September’s Snack of the Month

We love brands like The Safe + Fair Food Company. Founded by two dads with nut-allergic children, the company provides clean label and delicious foods — chips, cookies, cake mixes, mac & cheese, and more — that address the needs of the more than 15 million people in the United States with food allergies. That’s Read More >

Turning Off Autopilot

The velocity of our days are so intense, I can bet there are times you barely remember when your next meeting is, let alone taking time out of your day to “stop and smell the roses”. Workplaces today face increasing demands and challenges. High-stress levels may result in decreased effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency in employees, Read More >

3 Simple Tips to Building Healthy Office Habits

You work more hours than you like, go into autopilot the moment you get to your desk, and have a family to tend to after a long and weary day. It’s not easy, but you take on the challenge day by day because you’re a powerful, courageous, and strong human being. But sometimes the stress Read More >

What’s the Most (and Least) Popular LaCroix Flavor?

You might not expect people to be passionate about cans of carbonated water. And yet, when it comes to the water brand LaCroix, people are obsessed. LaCroix has been featured in rap lyrics, fan art, and is now stocked in the stores in all the trendiest neighborhoods in America. Not only that, but it’s become Read More >