A Turn-Key Office Snack Program

  • What kinds of snacks should I purchase for the office?
    When we build our snack boxes we bring in nutritionist approved snacks - we curate a variety of items that satisfy different needs. Snacks with higher protein content for extra energy and to curb hunger pangs longer. Sweet and salty snacks to satisfy cravings and bring blood sugar or electrolyte levels up. Snacks with a bit of crunch to add a sensory quality to our snacking experience. We taste test each of the items thoroughly against a broad selection to ensure that all our healthy snacks are also delicious.
  • Are there other Wellness Goodies I should provide?
    We recommend thinking about your team's day holistically. How can you ease their time and stress, aid them in fighting afternoon slumps, or make their early mornings easier. Wellness essentials we recommend adding on include:
    • healthy beverages like sparkling waters, coconut water, juices, iced teas, or aloe drinks.
    • coffee or tea to warm or energize them - we send the type of ingredients that work with your current equipment - ground coffee, beans, k-cups, or simply tea bags
    • shelf stable dairy products that compliment the coffee or tea that you offer or simply add another way to get a protein or nutrition boost through a quick shake
    • breakroom breakfast items that allow staff to sleep just a bit longer before an early shift - some of our most popular items are instant oatmeal, toaster pastries, cereals and granola
    • we think fruits are the cat's meow for every break room, but unfortunately can only offer fruit delivery to our San Francisco customers at this time
  • Will a program that’s on auto-pilot work for me?

    We highly recommend shedding a few hours of painstaking work trying to research, purchase, and replenish snacks for employees each month - you are already super-busy without enough hours in the day. Let us provide a turn-key experience for you. We've already verified that the snacks are healthy and tasty. As you get feedback, you can take a few quick minutes to set preferences, and we make sure the snacks never get old. By having the deliveries automatically shipped you will never forget and have an empty breakroom snack shelf. As you go through your first month you can determine if the order was right-sized for your team. How could it get easier than that? Do you really need more control and the weight of all those snack decisions on your shoulders?

  • How often do deliveries come?

    Orders are shipped once per month. The only exception is fresh organic fruit, which is delivered weekly and is currently only available in California.

  • How does the purchasing and refill work?

    To get started you sign-up for a monthly subscription to a snack box + the additional wellness essential categories you would like for your team. Your first order will ship in 3 days after your payment is processed. After you receive your first order, gather some feedback from your team. Then you can login to your own personal portal and manage your preferences for future orders, all in just a few minutes. We'll charge your credit card 30 days after your sign-up and send your next order out to you about 3 days after that. Each month your snacks and other goodies will be replenished automatically.

  • How do you help us avoid snack fatigue?

    Our curation team is constantly on the lookout for new variety to add to our snack program. They shop and taste test each product so you don't have to. We'll send a mix of these new items, items that we rotate in every so often, and the ones you tell us your team has to have. Each month will feel a little like a gift ready to surprise and delight your team.

  • How do you support our overall wellness program needs?

    Our aim is to educate you and to share interesting information that you can share with your team about wellness and how to be healthier while working hard towards the vision of your company. Hours in front of a desk or working hard to fulfill company needs can be tiring on employees - we want to help you with your goals of creating a healthy, happy, and community driven office environment.

  • How quickly will you respond to my inquiries?

    We want to make sure your needs are responded to quickly. We will get back to you within 24 hours Monday - Friday. For requests that come in late Friday or over the weekend, we will address your needs first thing Monday.

Healthy Snacking Defined

  • What does “Healthy Snacking” really mean?

    To us healthy snacking includes items that have simple and real ingredients. Our food selection system was built hand in hand with a nutritionist. You don't have to give up crunchy chips - just let us send you the healthier versions. Our healthier versions of the snacks you love never contain:

    • Artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
    • Corn syrups
    • High sugar content
    • Hydrogenated oils
    • MSG
    • GMOs
  • How do I make sure that the healthy snacks I get still taste good?

    The good news is that you don't have to. We taste test all our snacks before they ever reach your hands. If your team happens to dislike an item we liked, no worries - we won't be offended. Simply set your preferences in your personal portal by downvoting specific items we sent. If you have a lot of the item that absolutely no one likes we would be happy to make it right and send you something new. Please reach out to our customer care team at box@ohmygreen.com.

Getting Started

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    The box subscription is contract-free! You can start or cancel your subscription at any time, with no cancellation fees or dotted lines to sign on.

  • How quickly will I receive my first order?

    Generally we tell new customers to expect their delivery in two weeks. This gives our team enough time to curate, pick, pack, and ship an order based on your dietary restrictions and needs. Your shipping time might vary slightly depending on where you are located. We'll send your order's tracking information within one week of your signup date, and then you'll be able to track your delivery.

  • Can I get deliveries at multiple office locations?

    Certainly, you can either set up a second account yourself or we would be happy to help you with that. Unfortunately, we can't setup multiple deliveries under one account.

  • Can I just purchase a single order without the subscription?

    Sorry, no. But the good news is that you can sign-up for our subscription and then cancel after you receive your first order. It's easy to cancel anytime.

  • Do you offer a free sample box?

    We can send you a free sample with 10 snack items so you can taste some of our selection. But our recommendation is that you take us up on our first order discount by filling in our email form and try a full order for your team to decide how the snacks, quantity, delivery, support, and overall whole experience work for you. Since it's easy to cancel anytime - this will be the best way for you to determine if the Oh My Green Box is the right fit for you.

Receiving My Order

  • Do you have recommendations for displaying the snacks for my team?
    We like to suggest getting some inexpensive baskets to group like items. Based on human psychology - make the healthiest items the easiest to access, with less healthy options harder to get to. We hope to offer a simple display box in the near future that would ship to you on your first order and you could simply restock as often as needed for your office. Would you tell us if this is something you are interested in by taking this poll.
  • How many boxes will I receive each month?
    It will depend on the size of your order. We will attempt to pack all of your snacks as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. We have 3 box sizes - all of which should be manageable to carry, though drink orders will add quite a bit of weight.
  • When will my second order arrive?
    You will receive your second order approximately 30 days after receiving your first order. Your payment will process on the same day of the month that you signed up and we will pick, pack, and ship your order 3 days after that. Shipping times will vary slightly depending on where you are located, but you will receive a tracking number via email when we ship to track your delivery.
  • Are there any items that need special storage or to be refrigerated?
    No - we recommend a cool dry place as some snacks contain chocolate or are bars that keep best at regulated temperatures. All the dairy and beverages we send will be shelf-stable products.
  • Will my order come with a packing slip of any kind so I know I’ve received everything I’m supposed to?

    We don't include a printed packing slip but you can always view your itemized order receipt in your personal portal online to make sure everything promised has arrived. Additionally, your shipment tracking will tell you how many boxes to expect. If anything is ever missing, please reach out to us a box@ohmygreen.com.

  • What is the shelf life of the snacks & other items I'm receiving?
    The snacks are so yummy, we don't think you'll ever have to worry about products going bad. However, the products you receive in your box (excluding produce) will have at least a 5-week shelf life from the time it is shipped.
  • Can I have the box addressed to someone else, even though I will be the main contact for the account?
    Yes! Upon check-out, please include the name of the recipient under the 'Shipping Information' section, and then you can use your name and contact information under the "Billing Information" section.
  • Why does my shipment status say the box is on hold with the carrier?
    It's hard to say why the shipment might be on hold. Please use the tracking number sent to you when the box shipped and contact the carrier for more information.
  • What do I do if the shipment status says, 'delivered' but I haven't yet received it?
    Please use the tracking number and information sent to you once the box shipped and contact the carrier, they should be able to give you more details about your package. Though, a good first step is to check around the office - we know some offices who get very excited when their snacks arrive and can't help grabbing up the box right away.


  • How often will I be charged?
    As with most online shopping - you will be charged for your first order as soon as you start your subscription which also places your first order. For consistency and keeping your snacks stocked, we bill you on the same day every month, so if you start a subscription on January 1, you'll be charged February 1, March 1, etc. Note: if you start your subscription on January 31st, you will always be charged on the last day of the month.
  • Can I get a copy of my receipt?

    Receipts are auto-sent via our billing platform. Kindly check your spam folder, or if you still don’t see them, email box@ohmygreen.com for further assistance. Receipts are also available in your personal portal online.

  • Can I pay via check or wire instead of credit card?

    A credit card is required for all payments. For special cases, please email box@ohmygreen.com for further assistance.

  • Can I pay in advance for future boxes?

    If you want to pay in advance for boxes, email box@ohmygreen.com and let us know how far in advance you’d like to pay. We’ll put together an invoice with the total and payment instructions, and then send it over to you for fulfillment.

  • How do I update/change my credit card if necessary?

    You will need to contact us at box@ohmygreen.com to let us know you need to update your credit card and we can assist you. Unfortunately at this time we do not have a self-serve way for you to update it, but we hope to offer this soon.

  • What is the cost per person per day?
    This all depends on the categories you select, but on our most popular ones the cost comes to 90¢ per person per day.
  • How does the price compare to shopping on Amazon?

    We've done a price comparison - for items curated in an Oh My Green Box we average $1.50 per snack. For those same exact snacks purchased on Amazon it averaged $1.45 at the time of comparison. So yes, while we are only slightly more expensive, we take the work of purchasing a wide variety of snacks, researching to verify healthiness, validating good tasting products, and replenishing with new variety the next month off your hands. Sound like a good deal to you?

Adjusting My Subscription

  • What is my deadline for making changes to my subscription?

    You will be charged for your next order on the same day of the month that you originally signed up - this is your billing date. Please reach out to us at least 2 business days prior to that to ensure we get the changes made before your credit card is charged. We will do our best to work with you on late requests, but appreciate your promptness in making changes before the order gets processed.

  • Will I receive reminders about order deadlines?

    Yes, we will send you a reminder email about 1 week before your order processes in order to give you time to adjust your preferences, change your order size, make changes to your payment details if necessary, or skip an order if you know a lot of the team will be away.

  • How can I increase or decrease my subscription size?

    If you'd like to get more or less items, send an email to box@ohmygreen.com at least 2 business days before your next billing date. That should give us ample time to adjust your subscription size before your next billing date.

  • Can I receive bulk items in addition to individually packaged snacks?

    Yes! We know that sometimes, people like the option to graze instead of just grab and go. We have small bags of bulk items, including nuts, dried fruit, high protein pretzels, etc. After you sign up contact box@ohmygreen.com and specify you want to receive bulk options.

  • We’re going through our orders really quickly! What should we do?

    If you're ordering the subscription size that's appropriate for your headcount and still running out of snacks, try rationing the amount of products you put out each week and place the rest in storage. For example, if you get four types of bars, only put out 1-2 types per week so people feel less tempted to try everything. If you're still having trouble keeping snacks on the shelves, you can always increase your subscription size. Contact box@ohmygreen.com and we'll accommodate for the subscription size you need.

  • Can I skip some months or pause my subscription?

    Sure - just send an email to box@ohmygreen.com at least 2 business days before you're billed for the month you want to skip. You can also schedule skips ahead of time - please just reach out to us to let us know which months you would like to skip. If you pause your subscription, we will keep you on hold until you let us know when you'd like to start again.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    If you'd like to cancel, please email box@ohmygreen.com at least 2 business days before your next billing date. If your billing date has already passed, that month's order will be your final one.

Settings Preferences

  • My office loves a specific item. How can I make sure we get it as much as possible?

    We're glad you love it! Log in to your analytics portal and click the thumbs up symbol next to the item to show us you want it again. We'll do our best to send it every time or if that's not possible at least a similar item.

  • My office isn’t a fan of a specific item. What do I do?

    Log in to your personal portal and click the thumbs down symbol next to the item to show us you don't want to receive it again.

  • Can I get a list of all the products you carry so I can choose what I like?

    Our product list is vast, constantly rotating, and proprietary, so it’s not something we can share. If you’re just hoping to understand what types of products we carry, you can glimpse our most popular items and our food selection standards here.

  • Can I set certain dietary restrictions? (e.g. Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo, etc)

    Yes, when you sign up, there's a field on the checkout page where you can list dietary restrictions. We strive to accommodate for all dietary restrictions, but we encourage you to refer to all product labels to ensure they meet your needs.


  • How are the boxes shipped?

    Boxes are sent via either UPS, FedEx, or USPS, and we'll always send you the tracking information once it's available.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping is free on all our box subscriptions. You will see the total price of your subscription when go through the sign-up steps. Unless you make changes to the size of your subscription or select additional wellness essential categories later - every month will be the same price.

  • Why does my tracking number say, “Could Not Locate Shipment”?

    Don't panic! Tracking numbers don't become active until the shipping service picks up the package and scans it at their warehouse. If your number is saying it can't be located, it's likely because we've just packed it up and wanted to let you know as soon as possible. If you're still having trouble tracking it after 24 hours, reach out to box@ohmygreen.com and we'll look into it right away.

Special Requests

  • Can I gift a subscription?

    Absolutely - just reach out to box@ohmygreen.com to discuss the subscription length, pricing, and recipient information, and we'll work out a schedule to get you set up.

  • We have a big meeting/event coming up and I need extra snacks this month – Can I get a special box sent over?

    Sure! Just send an email to box@ohmygreen.com to let us know when you need the extra order by and we'll do our best to get you what you need. Please keep in mind that if you're on the east coast, we'll need at least a 10-day notice. If you're on the west coast, please allow a 7-day notice.

  • Can I send remote employees boxes?

    Sure, just email box@ohmygreen.com and we'll reach out to you to get you and your people set up.

  • I hear Oh My Green does restocking – How can I get in on that?

    Currently, only our microkitchen management program offers restocking, and we find that it's best fit for large companies. If that sounds like you, just fill out the form here and the appropriate person from our team will contact you. Alternatively, the box program is a great way to fuel your team with all the nutritious (and delicious!) goods they deserve - and for a fraction of the price. We'll ship a replenishment supply each month, but it's still up to you to stock it in your break room or kitchen.

  • I hear Oh My Green rents equipment – How can I get in on that?

    It's true, we do! We offer equipment like automatic coffee machines, coffee pot systems, ice makers, kegerators, high flow water machines, and industrial refrigerators. Email box@ohmygreen.com to start a conversation about your equipment needs, and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.

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