The Power of Healthy Eating

Employee health and well-being is a top priority for employers. They invest in wellness programs that offer everything from health screenings and biometrics to gym memberships and courses to help people quit smoking. However, their lunch benefits and cafeterias don’t reflect this same level of care. This is a huge missed opportunity for ROI from wellness.

Considering that people spend more than 50% of their time and consume more than 70% of their calories at the office, it’s critical that business leaders do more to support better nutrition for their employees.

Put technology to work in the kitchen

For catering, we use technology two ways: one for your comfort and convenience, and the other to assure our accuracy and efficiency. 

Together our systems achieve pinpoint accuracy in how you track and review your menus and services, and how we receive, produce, and ultimately deliver the food (meeting HACCP food safety standards). This lean approach also allows us to ensure that we have minimal waste and competitive pricing.

Wellness Driven Menus

Our recipes make people feel better because they aren’t weighed down with trans fat, refined sugars or oilthey are made with the freshest foods that have maximum nutritional value and taste. We use certified organic and non-GMO fruits and vegetables, naturally-raised grass-fed beef, chickens free of antibiotics, hormones and cages, and fish that meet the Seafood Watch standards. 

Imagine the joy and healthy living you could bring to the office with a lunch catering partner who can deliver a thoughtfully curated selection of daily menus that are seasonal, balanced and sensitive to a variety of tastes and dietary restrictions. With easy-to-read dish and allergy labeling, Oh My Green’s corporate catering service is unique—no other service offers this type of attention to detail.

Fully Managed Service

Tell us about menu and dietary needs. We’ll take it from there. From the mastery of big flavors to the tiniest presentation details, we have the experts to create your new favorite meal of the day.


Our chefs hail from Michelin star restaurants and companies with culinary prowess. With advanced cooking techniques, they create authentic regional flavors and vibrant menus. Every Oh My Green chef believes in our vision of healthy eating and relish the challenge of adapting to companies of all sizes and styles.


Our foods are prepared daily in our kitchens and delivered onsite by our specially trained wait staff, who complete food handling and Servsafe Certification along with a rigorous two-week customer service training. Let us handle the cleanup. We can even arrange for the donation of unconsumed food and/or prepare boxed leftovers for employee use.

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