Nutritious and Delicious Snacks


We’ve developed a tried and true method to find the healthiest and tastiest products for our customers. We are always on the lookout for the newest trends and diets that will suit your needs.

Food for All

Our team of nutritionists and product tasters curate delicious snacks, produce and beverages.

Nutrition Team

We provide food options for vegetarians, vegans, paleo, gluten-free, food allergies, or even the pickiest of eaters. And you can customize our products to your company’s needs and preferences.


Tech That Works

Our proprietary mobile and desktop applications optimize the complex supply chain by putting a piece of technology at every point. This allows us to be agile and responsive to your needs.

Data & Analytics

Our real-time platform puts you in control of your office needs and allows you to view and manage detailed reports of your products, orders and budget. View costs per location, choose time horizon, weekly over/under spending. See top spend items or orders by breakdown, view spend by category, with detailed info on per product basis.

Employee Delight

Our employee portal allows individuals to make suggestions on desired products, get news on upcoming offerings, participate in surveys, and educate themselves on the nutrition and health benefits of our products.

Kitchen Design

How a kitchen is designed is essential to the kitchen experience.

Effortless Snacking

We’ve organized and merchandised our stations for clean, quick, and easy consumption. Our dispensers and containers give your people convenient ‘grab and go’ food access so they can stay onsite, be properly fueled, and amplify their productivity and engagement.

Eat Smarter

Products are strategically placed with nutritional facts to influence healthy and educated decisions. Fruits are placed at eye-level while less healthy options are placed much lower.

Modern, Inviting Design

We’ve created a space and experience where people feel welcomed, can connect with their peers, and relax outside the workplace. And we can work with you to seamlessly integrate our kitchen services into the interior design style of your company. Oh My Green has many display options to create the right look for you.

High-End Equipment

Kegco Dual Faucet


Our commercial grade beverage dispensers can stand up to the rigors of the busiest of kitchens. The high quality dispense system components have been proven to last for years of heavy use.

Fetco XTS

Coffee Pot Systems

We have the perfect hot beverage solutions for high volume self-service kitchens like the ones at your office. Start the morning off right with the right choice in coffee pot systems.

Jura Giga X7

Automatic Coffee Machines

Redefines the pleasure of coffee with our superior quality, multi-function, coffee machine. With two grinders, two heating systems, one pump and one fluid system, we can prepare delicious ristretto, espresso, espresso macchiato, café crème, caffè latte and latte macchiato – two at a time.

True T-35G

Industrial Refrigerators

Designed using the highest quality materials and components to provide colder product temperatures, lower utility costs, exceptional food safety, and the best value in today’s food service marketplace. We have the best in food preservation.


High Flow Water Machines

Why buy bottled water over drinking tap water, and trash bottles after a single use? Try our Flow-water machines that tastes and hydrates better than anything in a single-use bottle, delivered into your reusable bottle. Or if plain water isn’t your thing, our Bevi Machines are the eco-friendly, many flavored, healthy water cooler that never runs out.

Ice Machine

Ice Machines

Invest in a professional ice maker and you won’t regret not having done so. Our powerful ice machine models can pump out dozens of cubes per minutes or thousands at a time so everyone at the office has plenty to fill their glass.

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Case Study


Mixpanel wanted a snack supplier that was not only capable of meeting high expectations for efficiency and reliability, but that would also be a good cultural fit for the company.